jeudi 19 juillet 2007

Un rafraîchissement?

Les jours se passent et sont de plus en plus chauds. La ch'ti exilée que je suis s'habitue difficilement à ces températures.....Seule la glace m'a sauvée!!
A cooling?
The days occur and are increasingly hot. The ch' Ti( I come from Lille) exiled that I am accustom with difficulty to these temperatures.....Only the ice saved me!!

5 commentaires:

Felicia a dit…

Looks delicious and what a beautiful place to enjoy. You had two ice creams?!

John a dit…

Now that looks good and a great location to eat it.

travelphilippines a dit…

ohh my yummynesss.

Château-Gontierdailyphoto a dit…

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Hyde DP a dit…

it felt more like November here yesterday -- send some of that sun this way please.